The First Cocktail Alkoholfrei Classic Tropic Creamy
An Englishman's Misfortune.
In 1779, after her husband was killed in the American War of Independence, innkeeper Betsy Flanagan opened an inn near Yorktown that was frequented by American and French soldiers.

An English chicken farmer lived nearby prompting Betsy to promise her American and French

customers that she would serve them a meal of roast chicken.

Her guests mocked her boasts saying she would never go through with it.

One evening, an unusual number of officers gathered at her inn, so Betsy served a lavish

meal of chicken, stolen from her English neighbour.

When the meal was over, Betsy moved her guests to the bar, where she served up drinks

decorated with a tail-feather from the chickens, amid rowdy calls for more "cock tails."

Sun Shine:
Ananas, Zitrone, Maracuja, Orangensaft.

Easy Driver:
Ananas, Zitrone, Grenadine, Maracuja, Orangensaft.

Simple Red:
Brombeere, Schlehe, Himbeere, Pflaume, Apfel, Kirsche, Zwetschge, Honig, Pomeranze, Orangensaft.

Blue Caracao alkoholfrei, Zitrone, Mandel, Kiwi, güner Apfel, Orangensaft.

Strawberry Margarita:
Tequila, Cointreau, Zitrone, Erdbeere.

Planters Punch:
Brauner und weißer Rum, Zitrone, Grenadine, Ananas, Orangensaft.

Tequila Sunrise:
Tequila, Zitrone, Grenadine, Orangensaft.

Mai Tai:
Brauner Rum, TripleSec, Mandel- und Kandissirup, Lemone, Zitrone.

Banana Joe:
Cream de Banana, Apricot Brandy, brauner Rum, Ananassaft.

Coco Kiss:
Kokoslikör, Jamaica-Rum, Maracujalikör, Ananas, Pfirsich, Zucker, Orangensaft.

Vodka Tropic:
Wodka, Maracuja, Papaya, Banane, Mandarine, orangensaft.

Jungle Juice:
Banenlikör, weißer Rum, Gin, Apricot Brandy, Ananas, grüne Banana, Zitrone, Orangensaft.

Springtime Cooler:
Wodka, Blue Curacao, Zucker, Zitrone, Orangensaft.

Pina Colada:
Brauner Rum, Sahne, Cream of Coconut, Ananassaft.

Mystic Cafe:
Italienischer Cappuccinolikör, Sahne, Milch. Swimming Pool: Wodka,

Blue Curaco;
Sahne, Cream of Coconut, Ananassaft.